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    Game Commands

    /resetAllows player to perform character reset
    /antilagDisplays command help information for antilag system
    /offtradeToggle offtrade function
    /offlevelStart offline leveling
    /postSend a global message
    /pkclearReduce your PK count in 1 (10kk ZEN)
    /warAllows to propose a War to opponent Guild
    /battlesocceAllows to challenge opposite guild for a Battle Soccer
    /endwarAllows to force stop Guild War Battle
    /requestsAllows to display all requests or refuse all by default
    /dcfriendAllows to DC specified character by IGN and password
    /clearinvClears your inventory (except equipment)
    /cleareventinvClears your event inventory
    /addstrAdd points to Strength
    /addvitAdd points to Vitality
    /addagiAdd points to Agility
    /addene Add points to Energy
    /addcmdAdd points to Command
    /decstrDecrease points Strength
    /decagiDecrease points Vitality
    /decvitDecrease points Agility
    /deceneDecrease points Energy
    /deccmdDecrease points Command
    /addstatsSplit free points equally
    /regicewindParticipate in Ice Wind Valley Event
    /scrambleParticipate in Scramble Word Event
    /storeOpens Store (NPC) in any map. Not need move to safe zone
    /wareOpens Warehouse in any map. Not need move to safe zone
    /eventinfoShows common event timers
    /evoPerform Character Class Evolution
    Currently this is only one server.